Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walberg Leads

Excerpts from an email from Tim Walberg's campaign.


Tim Walberg Leads Mark Schauer 46% to 37%
Against Other Republican Candidate, Schauer Leads 39% to 31%

Tipton, MI- Recent polling demonstrates that Freshman Democrat Congressman Mark Schauer is very vulnerable to defeat, as Republican Challenger Tim Walberg leads him 46% to 37% in the head to head ballot, and when “leaners” are included, Tim Walberg leads 50% to 40%. Mark Schauer does, however, lead Republican candidate Brian Rooney 39% to 31%. Below and attached is the Polling Memo from Adam Geller of National Research Inc. National Research Inc. is a national political and corporate polling firm, whose client list includes Governor Chris Christie, members of Congress and State Legislatures, the NRCC, NRSC and RGA.

“Mark Schauer has been on a spending spree and destroying jobs. Voters want a proven, principled conservative who will watch over their tax dollars and work to grow our economy,” said Tim Walberg.


Republican challenger Tim Walberg is over-performing the generic and is handily defeating Mark Schauer in the ballot test. Tim Walberg is currently beating Schauer in the ballot 46%-37%. When “leaners” are included, Tim’s lead expands to 50%-40%. Some of this is a function of Tim’s personal appeal; against Republican Brian Rooney, Schauer leads, 39%-31%.


I hope Schauer didn't buy a house in Washington.

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