Friday, October 09, 2009

The Truth Comes Out

From the Detroit News:

Students' behavior at GOP event questioned

Lansing -- Questions continue to be raised about the behavior of college students at the state Republicans' leadership conference on Mackinac Island with some asked to vow to vote for their candidates or risk losing their rooms and others charging that underage drinking was rampant.

Gubernatorial hopeful Rick Snyder has been accused of capturing the top spot in an exclusive Detroit News/WJR NewsTalk 760 AM straw poll during the Sept. 25-27 gathering by having students sign a letter vowing to vote for the Ann Arbor businessman in the poll or risk losing the free hotel rooms and island ferry rides.


Some of the hundreds of bright-green clad students who Snyder brought to the island were asked to sign a "contract" which reads, in part: "I have read the above and understand that my staying in a Rick for Michigan sponsored hotel room and traveling on a Rick for Michigan ferry is contingent upon voting for Rick Snyder in the straw poll."

Snyder campaign spokesman Jake Suski said the form was created to help ferret out "infiltrators" from other campaigns who were trying to get a free trip and didn't support Snyder. He also noted the island was swarming with volunteers sent by other candidates, lobbying firms and the Republican Party.

"To come up with our group and not to support Rick or to support other candidates would have been dishonest," Suski said.

Mike Cox 2010 spokesman Stu Sandler said Cox's campaign also brought a large number of volunteers to the island, and the campaign paid for their meals and accommodations. The volunteers signed an agreement they would represent Cox admirably, wouldn't break the law and wouldn't drink underage, but he said voting for Cox wasn't part of the deal. The attorney general came in second.

"The straw poll had nothing to do with it," Sandler said. "Part of it's to operate the functions.


From RightMichigan:

Is Snyder From Ann Arbor.. or Chicago??

Apparently Tim Skubick has the memo:

The following memo reached this desk in which the Snyder folks look like their learned how to play politics in Chicago's Cook County which is notorious for questionable activity.

In it Snyder supporters are advised that "you are in no way required to vote for any candidate, disclose or show your ballot to anyone." All nice and proper, with no gripes there.

Ah but read on: "However, in order to remain eligible for Rick for Michigan receptions, ferry's (to and from the island) and hotel room, you must show your ballot to Rick's official representative at the ballot box...." Hum, this is getting interesting.

And just to make sure none of the volunteers for Ricky didn't miss the point, they were asked to sign a document that was blunt: "I have read and understand that by staying in a Rick for Michigan sponsored hotel room and traveling on a Rick for Michigan ferry is contingent upon voting for Rick Snyder in the straw poll."

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T. LaDuke said...

Glad I found your blog through twitter after tweeting AG Mike Cox. Looks to me that you have some good posts. If you folks ever get the chance look up this endorsement.... and ask the GOP leadership why in the HELL are candidates for Governor campaigning with a guy who is endorsed by a organization that is as corrupt as ACORN. The GOP in this state, in my opinion, does not need these type of headaches.

Keep up the good work and I will link to your blog from mine.