Thursday, June 04, 2009

Great Moments in Crime

Suspect charged in Dalton Center ‘inside job’ larceny

Twenty-five musical instruments are still unaccounted for after the arrest of a Western Michigan University student involved in an alleged “inside job” at the Dalton Center.

On May 27, Police arrested Thomas Pascale, a 19-year-old freshman and student employee in the Dalton Center musical instrument inventory control room.


“When we did our investigation, we asked students about who they thought may have done it and [Pascale]’s name kept coming up,” Kalafut said. “Students told us that [Pascale] would say things like, ‘Well, if you need to get an instrument you could do so and so.’”

Police eventually found an eBay account directly related to Pascale. Five instruments were recovered from across the nation, including Las Vegas, Georgia and Indiana.
Western is not exactly training the great criminals of tomorrow.

Previous Great Moments in Crime:

Police charge three female students for sign stealing

Kalafut said the stealing began July 24, when the women attended a party and stole several letters from the sign that corresponded to the letters of their first and last names. The police were able to configure the women's names from the letters that were stolen. They were then tracked on, where pictures were found of the girls holding the stolen letters.

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