Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Barracuda

UPDATE: More information below.

John McCain has picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his choice for Vice-President.
Unlike McCain, Palin is a real conservative. She fought the corrupt Alaska establishment and won. She canceled the infamous bridge to nowhere. She supported Pat Buchanan in (correction: 1996) and has had kind words for Ron Paul.

UPDATE: Liberals are really flipping out over Palin's selection. David Pawlowski, the "Chair" of the Kalamazoo Democratic Party was quoted on WKZO saying that Palin guarantees that Obama will win the election since Palin is a "former small-town mayor" and "governor of the smallest state in the union". Alaska is NOT the smallest state in the union. What a fool.

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Matthew said...

Palin did not support Pat in 2000; rather, she supported Forbes.