Saturday, July 07, 2007

Campus Conservatives

Young America's Foundation has ranked the top ten campus conservative activists. One student from Michigan made the list.

10. Jeff Wiggins -- Michigan State University
To begin the year, Jeff took part in Young America’s Foundation’s “9/11: Never Forget Project,” since the university had nothing planned. Jeff and his club also focused on the threat of illegal immigration and invited Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo (R.) to speak. Jeff stood his ground in the face of violent protests targeting the congressman’s visit and was invited to talk about those incidents on the Fox News Channel.


Anonymous said...

Notice you didn't make the list Allan.

Anonymous said...

All Wiggins did was showboat for Fox news after his events, I don't really see why that makes him worthy of praise.

Anonymous said...'s because he looked like some helpless conservative victim in the face of a liberal onslaught. The very irony of course is that the TV channel most responsible for perpetuating this myth is the very example of why it is not true that liberals dominate in society. Allan is a joke. Don't forget that.