Friday, January 05, 2007

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WorldNetDaily has an interesting list of the top ten most underreported stories this year.

The Democrats have started off their reign in Congress with a "Hundred Hour Agenda." If they want an even catchier title, they could call it the "War on Economics." Of course, their agenda includes the old Democratic favorite, banning low-paying jobs ("raising the minimum wage"). Their proposals all sound good if you don't actually think about them, which most people don't.

Nancy Pelosi is promising the most ethical Congress in history. Does anybody remember when Bill Clinton promised to have the most ethical administration in history? I wonder how long Democrats will be able to keep this up. Just since the election, Pelosi supported John Murtha, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Abscam scandal, for Majority Leader (he lost). She was going to appoint Alcee Hastings, a former federal judge who was impeached for taking bribes as chairman of the intelligence committee until the resulting controversy forced her to change her mind. Congressman William Jefferson, who is on tape taking a $100,000 bribe, most of which was found in his freezer, was reelected by his New Orleans constituents. Jim McDermott was cited by the ethics committee for his role in an illegal wiretapping scandal. John Conyers was cited by the ethics committee for forcing his staffers to do personal work for him. All before the Democrats even took power.

The Democrats have already broken one of their promises. While they were in the minority, they promised that they would allow amendments from the minority if they won power. Now that they are the majority, they immediately flipped and said they wouldn't allow such amendments. Big surprise.

There is good news, though.

Governor Granholm signed the emergency protection bill to stop the confiscation of guns during emergencies.

A three judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overruled Clinton judge David Lawson's six month stay on the MCRI. The three schools, full of the best and brightest our state has to offer, are still pretending to be confused about how they could possibly not discriminate based on race.

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Anonymous said...

ap Yap Yap. The points here aren't even worth talking about. The Democrat's hundred hour agenda is something to which they were elected to enact. Many democrats ran on such a platform. I find it interesting that you are shocked politicians might actually try to do some of the things they promise on the stump. Also, Republicans have no grounds to talk about how the minority party deserves to be included in the legislative process. Reap the fruit you've sown for the last 12 years! By the way, where’s your posting on Bush’s signing statement allowing the government to open people’s mail now? Sucks to know that your party is just as rotten doesn’t it? You lost Allan, so sit back and enjoy it!