Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tax and Spend

Despite the huge budget deficit Michigan faces, Democrats are trying to increase spending. For good measure, they also want to raise taxes.

Thanks to Jack for letting us know.

Are Democrats trying to depopulate the state?


Democrats want to increase spending by 9.1% and increase taxes by 18%!


A very disapointed member of the WMU College Republicans. said...

I was reading Jack's plan to reduce the pay for state Rep's.

Something always bugged me about it and i finally figured it out.

He wants them to get paid as "per diem."

Per Diem is non-taxable in the United States.

Am I glad they want he is trying to get their pay reduced? Yes.

But if they aren't paying taxes on it, that bugs me a little. As bad and heavy as taxes are right now, no one should be exempt from paying them.

This truly disappoints me.

I'd rather have them make $80,000 and pay taxes on it rather than a tax free gift of $57,000 from the State of Michigan and its people.

Joe Sylvester said...

Who does this do I contact the editor?

Anonymous said...

There is no one editor or this blog. It is written by a devoted group of the WMU College Republicans. All of our members are allowed to post if they desire. I suppose if you want more information you could contact the chairman.