Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One man's terrorist...

Are conservatives terrorists? The state of Alabama seems to think so. Their department of Homeland Security listed the following groups as potential terrorists on their website.

gun rights groups
tax protestors
Anti-genetic Activists (opposed to genetically altered crops)
Animal Rights
And Gay Rights Activists
People who believe:
Gun Control = Enslavement
Constitution has been subverted
The U.S. has lost its sovereignty

The site was taken down after controversy erupted, but is available here.

So basically, the most paranoid people in Alabama are running the state department of Homeland Security.

If the government doesn't trust us, why should we trust the government?

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The Blogger formally known as Anonymous said...

Notice some of the other groups on that list; for example, "Anti-War," "Anti-Nuclear," "Animal Rights," and "Environmentalists." Can you please say if you consider these groups to be "conservative" and if so, why?

Let us consider for a moment some cases. What was Timothy McVeigh’s agenda? Who are the people that bomb abortion clinics or target doctors who perform abortions? Are such acts designed to intimidate the population into demanding political action? If so, they fit the generally agreed upon definition of terrorism.

To suggest that "conservatives" cannot be terrorists is inconsistent with your sweeping generalizations of liberals. Thus, it is a contradiction in your professed political beliefs to say that one example of a liberal group is characteristic of all liberals while one example of a conservative group is not characteristic of all conservatives. Such a position is illogical; therefore, you must either modify your position or admit that you are wrong.