Friday, May 18, 2007

Saul versus Paul

Supporters of Ron Paul for President are not happy with Saul Anuzis.

Paul Calls Flooding Michigan GOP Office

I just spoke with a friend who knows the people who work in the Michigan GOP office. He said the office “can’t handle the volume” and “don’t know what to do”. Saul Anuzis’s blackberry is flooded with messages, his voicemail is already full, and Ron Paul supporters are starting to find new phone numbers to reach him.

They are totally freaked out. He told me “they decided to stop answering the phones for the rest of the day because right when they hung up with one Ron Paul supporter the phone started to ring with the next. They couldn’t get any work done”. And “Saul has turned off his blackberry because he couldn’t handle the overload”.

He kept telling me how surprised they were at the amount of people calling and emailing. They didn’t know what was going on or who was behind it all. Total shock.

Let’s not let this one die. More phone calls and messages tomorrow. Keep the discussion going at the Facebook group.


Gabe said...

the bastard needs to hear this the rest of his life. I've been a GOP supporter since I was 12. I ama mainstream republican who grew up in Alabama. This guy is trying to squash open honest DEBAT...this is what the country was founded on. We don't need trash like him in the GOP!keep posting his phone numbers I'll call him every damn day until he talks to me.

Pissed Off College Republican said...

Yeah, I do kinda think Saul overstepped his boundaries on this one. If the people don't want Ron Paul in the debate, they will let it be known.

For Saul to go out and say he shouldn't be in the debate is not his place.

A.J. said...

Golly! Everyone tke a deep breath and relax for a second! Allow me to make a couple of points.

1- Ron Paul shot himself in the foot. I know what he was trying to say, but John Q. Voter believes whole-heartedly in "prception is reality." The perception is that he was blaming the US for the 9/11 attacks. Though I don't think that's what he was saying at all, he worded his point poorly and he is now being attacked for it.

2- This is clearly a publicity stunt on the part of Saul. Can you blame him? This is what party chairs do- publicize their party. Sure, a lack of foresight is now seeing his plan backfire, but he got his name in the paper, and I think that's what he was after in the first place. I dont think anyone is really taking this petition seriously, except those of you who are all up in arms about it.

3- Whether he realizes it or not, Ron Paul had to have given Rudy a boost in the polls when he attacked Paul. Even I liked the response, and I am not a fan of Rudy at all.

4- I admire Allan for his continued support of his candidate. He and I are in the same boat. Well, maybe different boats, but same Navy of dark horses...

Anonymous said...

Paul Krugman's last column in the New York Times is worth a read for all of you...even if you despise him and his politics. I think he makes some points that need to be taken serious especially in light of what we saw coming out of South Carolina.

Gabe said...

1- Ron Paul shot himself in the foot.

not really...he beat the pants off of guiliani in the foxnews poll rememebr...Ron Paul finished a close second to mitt romney...everyone else was "second tier"

2- This is clearly a publicity stunt on the part of Saul. Can you blame him?

well he got his publicity...he should be called everyday until he can talk about it like a man in stead of hiding behind his voice mail like a POS that he is.

Yes I can blame him, this type of debate placement shenannigans is partly to blame for why our last two presidents have been complete crap.

4. giulian didn't get much of a he is experiencing blowback as most of the media is understandign that ron paul was 100% correct and giuliani doesn't know the first thing about middle east history.