Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Western Loves Gays

Fabulous news!

Western Michigan University No. 21 on Daily Beast list of gay friendly colleges
KALAMAZOO – Western Michigan University is among the most gay friendly universities in the country, according to a list published this week by the Daily Beast and Newsweek Magazine.

WMU is No. 21 on the list of the top 25 gay friendly schools. WMU was ranked on factors including the college's prowler diversity grade (B), a campus climate index score of 4.5 and because 75 percent of students surveyed said campus is "very accepting" of minority students. The rankings note that WMU offers a LGBT campus center.

The campus climate score is based on Campus Pride's ranking system that looks at how inclusive college campuses are of LGBT students. A high college prowler diversity grade indicates that different minority groups are well represented on campus and accepted by students.
Apparently they didn't hear about the imaginary crime wave that struck the campus gay community in 2007.

"Queer students say harassment has increased"
Axis of Queers

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