Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Case for a Creator

The Case for a Creator
Lee Strobel

This is the third in a series of apologetic books by Lee Strobel, who was an atheist and a journalist before converting to Christianity and becoming a pastor. He previously wrote The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith.

This book focuses on issues of creation and evolution. Strobel approaches the issue from an intelligent design perspective. He uses the same format as in his previous books. He begins with a personal story about the issue, this time being asked to cover a creation/evolution school curriculum controversy in West Virginia while he was a reporter. He then proceeds to interview a number of experts associated with the intelligent design movement.

The interviews cover the subjects of icons of evolution, science and faith, cosmology, physics, astronomy, biochemistry, biological information, and consciousness. All are worthwhile, but I found the interview on consciousness particularly interesting.

The one problem that I have with the book regards the mathematics of infinity. William Lane Craig argues that the existence of an infinite number of objects or an infinite period of time is impossible. While he may be right about the underlying question, his arguments are unconvincing. He points out that ∞-∞ is not well-defined, and that ∞+1=∞. However, I don't see why this would rule out the existence of infinity in the the real world.

Overall, Case for a Creator is a worthwhile book.

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