Saturday, August 06, 2011

Paul Scott Faces Recall Election

For months now, we've seen news of possible recall elections against Republican legislators. Basically, filing a recall petition is a cheap way to say that you don't like a politician. It gets media attention in a way that a press release doesn't. Then a couple people hear about it and decide to so the same thing elsewhere. But getting signatures is much harder.

After all the hype, only one recall campaign filed signatures for a November election. Republican Paul Scott of southern Genesee County is the target.

The campaign against him has yet to file its campaign finances and seems to be trying to hide them. Nonetheless, it seems clear that it is being run by the MEA, which has paid handsomely to collect the necessary signatures. Scott is being targeted due to the fact that he is chairman of the house education committee, which has passed modest teacher tenure reforms.

Scott has a lean republican district, which is where I would initially rate the recall election, assuming it makes the ballot. If Scott were recalled, there would have to be a special election to replace him.

Interestingly, Scott's district is basically chopped in half in the new redistricting plan. Half becomes part of a new lean dem district and the other half becomes part of an open safe republican district. If Scott were recalled, he could just run there next year.

Other recall campaigns were notably unsuccessful. Signatures have been collected against Al Pscholka (N Berrien), Kurt Damrow (Tuscola/Huron), and Jeff Farrington (Sterling Heights), but none were filed.

Meanwhile in Lenawee County, organizers claimed to have enough signatures. However, the person with the signatures disappeared under mysterious circumstances and they were not filed. There are rumors of a car accident involving him or a family member.

No November recall of state Rep. Nancy Jenkins as petitions fail to appear

As Jack Lessenberry argues, the recall threat has proved overrated.

Recall Threat Proves Overrated

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