Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jack on Smoking

From an email from Jack Hoogendyk:

I personally find smoking to be a disgusting habit. I cannot abide cigarette smoke when I am out to enjoy a nice meal. Incidentally, my father died of lung cancer after 60 years of smoking. However, as a lawmaker, I would find it necessary to lay aside my personal feelings when considering legislation that would be an affront to the Constitution.

Banning smoking on public property is one thing; people need to go to the Secretary of State, or the Post Office. They should not be subjected to annoying and potentially hazardous second-hand smoke in a public building. But, to tell a proprietor of a restaurant, on his own property, which he paid for and pays taxes on, that he cannot allow his patrons to engage in a LEGAL activity is, in my opinion, a violation of the fifth amendment. The remedy for this would be to either remove all restrictions to smoking, a legal activity, on private property, or to declare cigarette smoking an illegal activity, and banning it altogether.
RightMichigan has the votes on the bill in both houses of the legislature.
Why is it always the WRONG 5%?

Local Republicans George, Nofs, Deshazor, and Schuitmaker all voted for the bill. Of the area Republicans, only Jase Bolger stood up for property rights.

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