Tuesday, December 01, 2009

61st District Election Updates

Rep. Larry Deshazor's decision to vacate the 61st state house district to run for the state senate kicks off an interesting race to replace him.

Several consider running for Rep. DeShazor's seat if he tries for Senate slot
Political newcomer Thomas Batten announces bid for 61st District state House seat

On the Republican side, Margaret O'Brien is likely to run, as long as Larry doesn't change his mind and seek reelection. The only other potential candidate mentioned is David Yardley, who is considering it.

Margaret O'Brien ran for this seat in 2008, coming up just short to Deshazor in the primary. She is likely to receive even more support this time around. The 2008 primary was to some extent a conservative/moderate battle, but it is unclear whether a strong moderate candidate will appear this time.

Yardley also ran in 2008, employing an unconventional campaign strategy. He trailed far behind in votes on election day.

On the democrat side, Julie Rogers is noncommittal on the race. She lost two close elections for this seat in 2006 and 2008. A 30-year-old unknown who just moved to the district named Thomas Batten is running as a democrat.

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