Friday, December 11, 2009

Financial Reports Filed

Candidates and committees filed campaign finance reports on the 2009 election.

Victorious newcomer Patricia Randall top spender in Portage
Mayor Hopewell leads Kalamazoo spending
Anti-discrimination ordinance battle cost $458,000: Opposing sides broke spending record

The top spender in Portage was Patricia Randall, which helps to explain her surprise victory.

In Kalamazoo, the top seven spenders were the seven victorious candidates. Hopewell spent over $28,000, by far the most. Why? The mayor has no more power than any other commissioner. He could have spent nothing and wouldn't have finished lower than second. This blog had earlier speculated that he would run for state representative, but he isn't. Perhaps he just really likes calling himself Mayor.

The second biggest spender was 'gay rights' advocate Terry Kuseske, who won the open seat on the commission.

Meanwhile, supporters of the discrimination ordinance spent a miserly $402,000 advocating for it. Opponents spent only $55,000. Billionaire Jon Stryker personally spent $113,000 on the initiative. Many of the supporting contributions were from out of the area, unlike the supporters. Apparently the supporters were so discriminated against that they could only afford to outspend opponents seven to one! Back in 2001, 'gay rights' supporters outspent opponents by a mere three to one.

One particular donation stands out.

Lorence Wenke, local businessman and state senate candidate, $100;

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