Tuesday, June 10, 2008

88th District Preview

The 88th district in the Michigan House of Representatives covers most of Allegan County. It is currently represented by conservative Republican Fulton Sheen, who is term-limited. It is a safe Republican district. (This blog has some analysis of the race in the post and comments. The information it contains has not been verified.)

There are eight candidates for the Republican nomination, Todd Boorsma, Randal Brink, Shelley Edgerton, Jeff Farnsworth, William Galligan, Bob Genetski, Joshua Leatherman, and Spencer Moore.

Todd Boorsma is a business manager and former head of an anti-gambling group, MichGO. He has a website. He lists sound conservative positions on abortion, guns, and the economy. He claims the endorsement of incumbent Rep. Fulton Sheen and conservative State Rep. Jack Hoogendyk. He has not filed a fundraising report, but claims to have raised $26,000.

Randal Brink is a former Allegan County commissioner who was defeated for renomination in 2006. He does not appear to have a website and has yet to report any fundraising.

Shelley Edgerton is Gun Plain Township Supervisor and a former legislative staffer. She has a website. It contains very general conservative statements. She is endorsed by moderate former state senator Dan DeGrow. At the end of the year, she had trivial fundraising.

Jeff Farnsworth is a business manager. He has a website. He lists solidly conservative positions on the issues. He also claims to have been endorsed by Rep. Sheen. He raised about $3000, but ended the year in debt.

William Galligan is a businessman. He has a shell website. He supports abortion and proposes more government spending and regulation of the economy. He has not reported any fundraising yet.

Bob Genetski is a teacher. He has a website. He lists detailed staunch conservative positions that show understanding of the issues. He is a member of a number of conservative organizations. He has raised about $25,000, including about $24,000 from himself.

Joshua Leatherman is a businessman. He has a website. He lists staunch conservative positions, aside from some questionable material on globalization. He raised about $6000.

Spencer Moore is Leighton Township Supervisor. He has a website. He supports cutting taxes, but does not mention social issues. He has raised a trivial amount of money.

Tom Clark will be the democrat candidate. He has a website. He has not declared any fundraising.

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