Monday, June 02, 2008

59th District Preview

The 59th district in the Michigan House of Representatives covers St. Joseph and most of Cass County. It is currently represented by Republican Rick Shaffer, who is term-limited. It is a safe Republican district.

There are three candidates for the Republican nomination, Monte Bordner, Matt Lori, and Rob Sisson.

Monte Bordner is a St. Joseph County Commissioner. He has held that position for eight years. He has a website. It contains generalities about advocating for farmers and supporting local control. He has raised about $1500.

Matt Lori is St. Joseph County Sheriff. He has held that position for twenty years. He has a website. It doesn't say anything about his positions on the issues. He endorsed John McCain before the primary. He has raised about $6000.

Rob Sisson is a member of Republicans for Environmental Protection, and has celebrated Earth Day. (Among other things, REP supports the "Climate Security Act", which is projected to cost America at least 1.7 trillion dollars). He does not appear to have a personal website. He has raised about $3000.

The democrat candidate will be Carol Higgins. Higgins is a public school teacher and union president. She has a website. She has filed that she does not expect to spend more that $1000. Democrat Richard Homan was disqualified after filing to run.

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Rob Sisson has a new website. It can be found by going to .