Thursday, November 03, 2011

Local Campaign Finance Reports

Local campaign finance reports are out.

Mayor Bobby Hopewell leads candidates in Kalamazoo campaign fundraising, reports say

Local elections have been very quiet so far. Bobby Hopewell is the biggest fundraiser so far, with $24,000. He always raises and spends a lot even though he could be reelected without spending anything. Robert Cinabro is second with $12,000. He was appointed to fill a partial term on the commission. The other incumbents trail. Nicholas Boyd and Nicholas Wikar are the only challengers who have raised more than $1000.

The Portage race is pretty quiet, with Cory Bailes leading and Patricia Randall trailing.

The pro-tax-hike group in the Mattawan School district raised $2477.
The filing didn’t list itemized spending but top contributions included $500 each from Kingscott Associates Inc.,an architectural and engineering firm,and the Miller-Davis Co., a construction management firm.
I'm sure those construction firms donated because they are concerned about quality schools, and not at all because they hope to get million-dollar building contracts.

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