Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bus Tax Zone

The Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority, which has never met a tax it didn't like, is proposing a map of areas of the county with access to bus routes. The goal would then be to raise taxes in those areas. This follows the failure of its attempts to raise taxes on the entire county.

Transportation authority recommends new map to include residents with access to bus routes

The problem with the map is that it is based on election precincts. Thus there are people in Comstock, Oshtemo, and Portage who live miles away from the nearest bus stop who would be paying extra for buses. In Comstock 5, some residents appear to be six miles or more from the nearest bus line.

The map should be fixed to only take in those who actually use the bus lines. Better yet, only the people who use the buses should pay for them.

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