Friday, July 01, 2011

Questioning Ann Coulter

I missed this one at the time of Ann Coulter's appearance at Western more than five years ago. (See the February 2006 archive for our coverage at the time.) Julie Mack provides some of the usual liberal sniveling.

From the archives: Julie Mack's take on Ann Coulter's 2006 appearance at Western Michigan University

Regarding Coulter's alledgedly disrespectful treatment of questioners, none of their questions were worth a serious response. See this comment by Chris.
I was there that night working the event. Not every question was "heartfelt," including one question I had to yank the mic away from. And the 20 uniformed police officers operating metal detectors outside the room were required because some not-so-nice students didn't like Pat Buchanan nimbly picking their arguments apart the year before. But you are right, she is pretty tough, that is her shtick. I think it's popular because liberals in general are so disdainful of conservatives (especially on a college campus) that it's refreshing when some conservatives see another refuse to be browbeaten into apologizing for their very existence. On an individual level, she's pretty nice. She even said I had a nice tie...
I concur that Coulter is one of the nicest people that I have ever met.

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