Saturday, July 02, 2011

Michigan Redistricting: Legislative Maps Passed

The Michigan legislature has passed the Republican legislative redistricting plans on mostly party-line votes. I have previously analyzed the Republican proposals, but the plans have been amended since then. I posted updated analyses on the political group blog Red Racing Horses, which is the conservative counterpart to the old Swing State Project.

The only changes to the senate plan were in Wayne County, where the Republicans agreed to the democrats' plan. This has no partisan impact, but it made the districts a little more compact and friendly for their incumbents. Two Detroit senators voted for the final map.

I have to report that I made one mistake in my senate analysis. The district containing Saginaw County (32) dropped Gratiot and added Western Genesee. I had assumed that this made the district worse, but running the numbers showed that it actually got a bit better. This district is still a tossup.

The house plan changed in S Wayne, fixing one of the problems I mentioned. The break on Canton was changed. Most significantly, the map was redrawn in Genesee. I don't much like the new Genesee map, and I think the first one was better.

In addition to the problems I mentioned before, I noticed that it is possible to draw tossup/lean R districts based in the Grosse Pointes, W Dearborn, and Canton. I don't know what the GOP was thinking in its Wayne County map.

Well, it's all over now, assuming Rick Snyder signs the maps.

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