Sunday, September 06, 2009


This update focuses on the economy. Unemployment continues to rise as government spending, bailouts, and inflation only make things worse.

Gary North: Deficits Will Matter
William Hoar: Cash for Clunkers
Steve Sailer: Alyssa Katz’ Our Lot: A Liberal Perspective On How Political Pressure To Boost Minority Homeownership Helped Blow Up The Economy
William Hoar: Stimulus Scam Redux?
Gary North: Bernanke Is Stuttering, Stammering, Panicking
Gary North: We Are in the Midst of a Disaster
Thomas Eddlem: Media Raising Concerns Over Goldman Sachs’ Gov’t Influence
Pat Buchanan: Socialist America Sinking
William Hoar: Driving Us to Destruction
Chris Clancy: The Greatest Scam in the History of the World
Gary North: Shredding Your Safety Nets

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