Saturday, September 12, 2009


This update focuses on the culture war. A 'hate crimes' bill attacking free speech continues to be considered in Congress. Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court.

Becky Akers: Discrimination, Racism, and the Human Race
Don Devine: Papal Freedom Regression?
Selwyn Duke: Hate-crime Laws Expand, Freedom Contracts
Gary Bauer: When Gays Attack
Robert Knight: Proposed Federal Law Would Be a Hate Crime Against America

Steve Sailer: My Questions For Sotomayor—Will Republicans Dare Ask Them?
Steve Sailer: That Sotomayor Decision: One Law For Frank Ricci—Another For Emily Bazelon?
Jack Kenny: Sonia Sotomayor's Selection
Jed Babbin: Questions for Sotomayor
Thomas Sowell: Equality on Trial

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