Wednesday, May 21, 2008

62nd District Preview

The 62nd district in the Michigan House of Representatives covers the majority of Calhoun County, including Battle Creek and Albion. It is currently represented by Republican Mike Nofs, who is term-limited. It is a politically competitive district that could be won by either party.

There are two candidates for the Republican nomination, Susan Baldwin and Gregory Moore.

Susan Baldwin is a Battle Creek city commissioner. She is serving her third term. She has a website. Her lists lists generalities on economics and education, and does not mention social issues. She has raised about $33,000, including a $30,000 loan from herself.

Gregory Moore is a Calhoun County Commissioner. Less than half of his district overlaps the 62nd house district. He does not appear to have a website yet. He has not reported any fundraising yet.

There are two candidates for the democrat nomination, Kate Segal and Tim Nendorf.

Kate Segal is a Calhoun County Commissioner. She has a website. She has raised about $25,000. Examining her list of contributors makes it clear that she is the candidate of the democrat party establishment. Her website has generalities about economics and education. She has received $5000 from MI LIST, the state affiliate of Emily's List, a radical pro-abortion organization.

Tim Nendorf is a former intern for State Senator Mark Schauer. He was involved in the Western Michigan University student government, where he supported a scholarship for illegal aliens. He has a website. He is not very specific, but he appears to promise more government spending. He has raised about $6000, including a $1700 loan from himself.

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