Friday, February 01, 2008

Tim Nendorf's Record

The Western Herald has the news that recent WMU alumnus Tim Nendorf is running for office. He is seeking the 62nd district state house seat that covers the majority of Calhoun County, including Battle Creek and Albion. It is being vacated by Republican Mike Nofs due to term limits.

Nendorf is a democrat. His political experience is pretty thin.

Nendorf interned with Michigan Senator Mark Schauer in Lansing. In 2005, he served a second internship for U.S. Senator Carl Levin in Washington D.C. He also served as a legal assistant for the Michigan speaker of the house.

Nendorf received a full-ride Medallion Scholarship at WMU. The active student served on both the Residence Hall Association and the Western Student Association. Nendorf graduated in 2006 Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management.
What are his goals?

Nendorf explained that now is time for change in education, health care and the economy.
One change in education that Nendorf didn't support was cancelling the illegal immigrant scholarship at Western created by Judy Bailey. The scholarship subverted immigration laws by giving scholarhips specifically for illegal aliens. When the WSA passed a resolution opposing the scholarship, Nendorf voted against it. The scholarhip was later cancelled by Interim President Diether Haenicke.

"We have our convictions and beliefs, but we should work together to get things done," Nendorf said. "Put the petty politics and partisans aside. The good ideas should win the day."
That's not what he did in the WSA. Nendorf tried to impeach four of his political opponents who were members of the College Republicans because he disagreed with them. The charges were found to be baseless.


Vincent said...

The young man's record is very very thin indeed and clearly his pending law degree is not helping him understand the law in Michigan.

An article in the Battle Creek Inquirer today indicated that he had received $1100 from his mother. This is $600 over the allowed limit you can receive from and individual as a candidate for State Rep.

Inspired to review his Campaign Finance Reports on line, I discovered that it indicates that he does not live in the district he is running for. It places him in Kalamazoo County (Galesburg) at an address which is clearly his parents home. This address is listed in several locations throughout the report but in each case is attributed to a different municipality (Galesburg, Battle Creek, Climax, etc.).

Considering his being a law school student is one of the only credible credentials in his bio, it should be of great concern that he can't even comply with election law.

Someone should bring these errors to the attention of media outlets in the 62nd as I am sure that voters would be interested.

Vincent Clay

Better Than Vincent Clay said...

Maybe you should learn how to spell and we could take anything you say seriously you right-winged hack. Vincent Clay? You sound like a child-molesting school teacher. Do yourself a favor and turn over the contents of your hard-drive to the police now to save yourself the embarrassment of getting caught up in a child porn ring later in life when you might be a credible human being.

Jake W. Andrews said...

In a day in age where young men and women are apathetic and find democracy is the new spectator sport, Tim Nendorf goes against that grain and makes an effort to stand up and act! It is a sad reflection that we have to argue trivial matters when the real fact that a young man is taking charge and breaking the mold. Maybe that is the typical resistance one faces when they propose change, and individual thought. You can refute partisan politics or say how a travesty it is that his mother gave him money to see her own son do well for the community, however, nothing can amount to the courage and desire that drives him and his ideas. Let me ask you, what does experience put up to that? In the end experience will die, and the ideas and change that is et in motion are eternal, they are the spark that starts the fire. So if we pass over Mr. Tim Nendorf just because he is inexperienced or spend our time trifling through insignificant private matters, then we are not giving someone a chance to prove himself worthy of our democratic system. I would hope that instead of looking at this as a two party system, democrat v. republican, and instead look at it as a young man with new ideas and a chance, just a chance to deal with issues like adults and not throw mud around.