Saturday, February 23, 2008

Drain Commissioner Update

There is news concerning the position of Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner. Interim Drain Commissioner Pat Crouse has announced that he will run for office as a Republican. Crouse was appointed after Drain Commissioner Bill French suffered a stroke.

Crouse has been widely praised. The consensus seems to be that he has done a good job--better than the last few commissioners. He was encouraged to run by both parties.

Crouse is seen as fairly moderate. The Drain Commissioner position is not particularly ideological, but it does deal with issues of development and the environment.

Meanwhile, the fate of Bill French remains unclear. He has not announced whether he will run for reelection.

Before his stroke, democrats on the county commission had asked Governor Granholm to remove French for his misdemeanor conviction. Granholm kicked the request to her attorney, who suggested that French may have vacated his office by virtue of his conviction. Now, the democrats are asking Rep. Lorence Wenke to ask state Attorney General Mike Cox to rule on the question. Meanwhile, French continues to recover from his stroke.

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