Friday, April 14, 2006

Larry DeShazor

Larry DeShazor, the guy who is challenging State Rep. Jack Hoogendyk in the Republican primary is claiming that Jack broke into his house.

From the Gazette article:

Larry DeShazor is wondering why state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk entered his home without his permission, [who says the Gazette is biased?] while the two-term lawmaker says he stopped by DeShazor's house as part of his constituent outreach in the neighborhood.

DeShazor, who has served on the Portage City Council since 2002, plans to challenge Hoogendyk in the Republican primary in August. Hoogendyk represents the 61st District, which includes Portage, Parchment and several townships.

``Jack (Hoogendyk) was standing in the middle of my house, and I just want to know why he was there,'' DeShazor said of the encounter that occurred about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday. ``I did not give him permission to come in or invite him.''

The idea that Jack Hoogendyk would break into Larry DeShazor's house is beyond ridiculous. The allegation that he did so to give him campaign material is so absurd that it defies belief.

The article ends: "DeShazor said he still has many questions.

``It's hard to describe the emotion,'' he said. ``Just think about it. There's someone in your house.''"

This appears to be a bid for attention. DeShazor needs media attention somehow. It would seem that he is trying to play up this incident.

It still isn't entirely clear why DeShazor is running. His campaign literature so far does not contain one word about his position on any issue. In contrast, Jack's campaign literature (which the piece in question was not) makes clear the principled stands that he has taken.

It is with good reason that the WMU College Republicans have endorsed Jack Hoogendyk. If I wasn't motivated to work for Jack before, I certainly am now.


Anonymous said...

But Allan, there was a MAN in his HOUSE!

maybe he's frightened by guests

Matthew Moss said...

You'll have to excuse Larry, he just has no idea why someone would want to come spend time with him by visiting his house.