Wednesday, April 05, 2006

America is under attack

We heard news last week of massive protests against the immigration security bill currently being debated in Congress. The liberal media has been all too eager to hide the real meaning of these protests. These were not protests for civil rights, or equal treatment, or for integration of immigrants into the American mainstream. These were anti-American protests.

America is under attack. If you doubt me, examine these pictures from Michelle Malkin's blog:
A. J. has already written about the Mexican flag being raised over the American flag at one school and the banning of American flags at another.

These protests are one more step in a slow-motion invasion of this country. The illegal aliens are essentially saying that they will refuse to follow our laws, respect our flag, assimilate to our culture. To a significant extent, this movement appears to be based on racial identity ("La Raza," MECHA, "brown is beautiful," etc.).

Many of the protestors seem to be driven by a sense of historical grievance based on a myth. Specifically, that the Southwest was really Mexican land and it was stolen by America. In reality, that land was only part of Mexico for a few decades. There were only a few thousand Mexicans in most of that land. The only reason that that land was part of Mexico at all is because it was colonized by Spain, and that's how far they got. When Spain gave up Mexico, the Southwest went along for the ride. Aside from a few Indians, the Southwest was essentially vacant until it was settled by Americans.

Can anyone seriously argue that the Southwest would have been better off if it had stayed with Mexico? If Mexico is so great, why do so many Mexicans want to come here?

The problems with illegal immigration fall into three categories: national security, economics, and culture. As big as economics and national security are, I believe that culture is ultimately the most important. Any society is ultimately the way that it is because of the people who comprise it. Mexico is the way it is because Mexicans make it that way. If the Southwest is populated by Mexicans, it will become like Mexico. Is that what we want?

These protests are another example of the importance of culture. Because culture is subconscious, the bad can and all-too-often does drive out the good.

Who is behind these attacks? They are being sponsored and encouraged by the Mexican government, which regularly commits military aggression against America. In addition, they have been supported by a number of left-wing groups. In addition, many of our elites believe in transnationalism, alternately designated internationalism or post-Americanism. This belief encourages tearing down our borders and national identity to make us "one with the world."

There is much more at stake here than simply who gets which jobs or which benefits. If we lose this American culture, we lose America.


Dan said...

I noticed in one of those shots they're flying the American flag upside down. Isn't that like a giant sign of disrespect? If that's the case (and I'm pretty sure it is) then that's solid evidence that these people do not have America's best interests in mind. So how can we take these people seriously?

Matthew Moss said...

They want to have their cake and eat it too. Illegals want all the benefits of living in our great country without following our laws, using our language or embracing our culture.