Friday, March 31, 2006

Attack of the killer tomatoes

Apparently, the crazy left on campus is now attacking McDonald's. Their gripe seems to have something to do with union organizing. The group leading the effort was the "Coalition of Immokalee Workers." They were joined by the Kalamazoo Homeless Action Network (hi-yah!). KHAN, the group too left-wing for Don Cooney, seems to be getting around. They're too busy to get jobs, thank you very much.

This motley crew marched into the McDonald's in the Bernhard Center to deliver a letter to manager protesting tomato prices. If these people think that the manager of a McDonald's franchise has any control over such things, then they're even dumber than I thought. Call me selfish, but I find it hard to sympathize with people who want to raise the prices that I pay for food.

The protesters were thrown out by the police.

This is the perfect end to the story: "After presenting the manager with the letter, the protesters left to attend a Cesar Chavez Day celebration event, held at the Wesley Foundation on WMU's campus."

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LoriAnne Tennison said...

I am an organizer for the Kalamazoo Homeless Action should know your facts before you post them
fact 1 the Immokolee Workers were working to 1 penny raise for tomatoes that are grown in Florida.
that workers work 12-16 hours a day for..and live in Shacks you wouldn't put your pets in.We were supporting them, because homeless people where being refused service at McDonald's.
Even when they had money..Public accomodation is a Federal law.