Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Legalize Tasers Without Permit

A state senate committee has voted to legalize the carry of Tasers, but only with a concealed carry permit.

Concealed weapons law may be applied to Tasers

According to the article, Michigan would be the only state to require a permit.

Michigan law bans stun guns, but a Bay City judge recently declared the law to be unconstitutional. This bill would not help the security guard who filed the suit, since he has a criminal record.

The same rules for using force would apply to Tasers as apply to guns. This is appropriate as Tasers are a less-lethal weapon, not non-lethal. They don't usually kill, but they can when the person shocked has a heart condition or some other health problem.

Tasers and other stun guns should be legalized without government requiring a permit.

Stun Gun Ban is Unconstitutional
Legalize Stun Guns

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