Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Coalition of One

The Gazette reports on fundraising for some local PACs, including Jon Stryker's 'Coalition for Progress'.

Kalamazoo political-action committees buck downward trend in contributions

But a review of major local PACs shows that Jon Stryker's Coalition for Progress and Jones Advocating for Michigan, the leadership PAC of state Rep. Robert Jones, D-Kalamazoo, both registered double-digit increases for the period of Jan. 1 to July 20.

Stryker's organization, the state's 12th largest political-action committee, reported receipts of $200,390, with contributions up nearly 55 percent from 2007.
My first thought upon reading this was, 'That means they got $200,000 from Jon Stryker and $390 from other people.'

According to the Michigan Secretary of State's campaign reporting Web site, $200,000 of the Coalition for Progress' $200,390 was contributed by Jon Stryker, an architect, founder of the Arcus Foundation and an heir of the Stryker Corp.'s founder.

That means 99.8% of their receipts came from Stryker. Some coalition.

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