Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Email to Ron Weiser

This email from a Republican precinct delegate was forwarded to me.


Mr. Weiser, I received and read your letter referencing your experiences that you believe qualify you for state party chair. I find your experiences specifically disqualify you, in my opinion. Please drop me from your mailing list.

If you are interested, the specific disqualifications include:
- National co-chair for the McCain campaign which was not well executed. One of the fatal errors was announcing the elimination of Michigan from the campaign, which you should have fought and revised. If you are such a good leader, you should have made this happen. Surely fiscally prudent alternatives were available.
- National co-chair for McCain and the campaign "handling" of Sarah Palin. She was the shining star and you folks botched the opportunity her selection as VP offered.
- Bush Ambassador to the press – Bush was a great president, but he lost the PR war. If you were a member of the PR Team, you failed.

A good leader accepts accountability for his failures. By running for State Chair with these as credentials, you show just how out of touch you are with reality. Again, please remove me from your mailing list.

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