Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gazette Attacks Jack Again

The Gazette has once again attacked Jack Hoogendyk in an editorial endorsing his opponent.

Let Mr. Upton, Mr. Levin go back to Washington

The Gazette also attacked Jack in their 2006 primary election endorsement. Once again, their arguments are either factually incorrect or poorly reasoned.

While Michigan's economy has remained stagnant throughout Hoogendyk's Lansing career -- something we certainly cannot blame on him -- he has spent too much time fighting embryonic stem-cell research, making English the official language of Michigan and battling the University of Michigan, and not enough time finding pragmatic solutions to Michigan's problems.

Hoogendyk, proudly an ideologue, would do little in Washington to advocate for the state and its residents. We expect he would be too busy waging culture wars that this nation is growing increasingly weary of.
This editorial echoes what the Gazette said in 2006. What they don't say is that most of Jack's focus on social issues was during his first term.

They fail to mention Jack's more recent focus on economic issues. Jack fought against the job-killing tax increase passed by the legislature. He has pushed for transparency in government spending. He has fought wasteful government spending, from the giveaway to movie makers, to the new state police headquarters, to the proposed taxpayer-funded Detroit River bridge. Jack passed a bill to give schools more flexibility in scheduling.

The Gazette may disagree with these measures, or think them ineffective, but not to acknowledge them at all is dishonest.

They make it sound as if the culture war was something started by conservatives. In truth, it was started by liberals to overthrow traditional western culture. Michigan's bad economy hasn't stopped liberals from pushing an embryonic stem-cell research ballot initiative, letting millions of illegal aliens into the country, and trying to create same-sex benefits funded by taxpayers. When has the Gazette ever attacked liberals for these things?

The Gazette's real problem with Jack is that they disagree with his views. But they prefer to call such issues 'divisive' rather than debate their merits.

Meanwhile, what does the Gazette say about Carl Levin?

He has been an effective voice for Michigan, defending the domestic auto industry, the state's bread and butter, and seeking support for protection of the Great Lakes.
And the auto industry is doing so well for his efforts! They neglect to mention that Levin voted for increasing CAFE standards that are hurting American auto makers so much.

Kalamazoo is growing increasingly weary of the Gazette.

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