Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biden Time

So Barack Obama picked Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. This pick is interesting for several reasons. First, Obama is running as the candidate of change, yet he picked a Washington insider who has been a Senator for thirty-six years.

Second, the main reason that Obama beat Hillary for the democratic nomination is that he opposed the Iraq war from the beginning. So when Obama could pick anyone to be his Vice-presidential nominee, who did pick? Someone who supported the Iraq war! Biden didn't just vote for it, he used his committee hearings to back it.

Biden is one of those people who is said to have experience because he's been around forever, whether or not he accomplished anything. Biden has never had a private sector job since getting out of school except for a couple years as a lawyer, which hardly counts. He is said to have foreign policy experience by virtue of being a committee chairman, where there is usually no easy way of measuring someone's accomplishments.

Biden is a down-the-line liberal, supporting abortion on demand, banning guns, amnesty for illegal aliens, big government, and more. He has also pushed for the horrible Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and CEDAW.

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