Saturday, October 20, 2007

POLITICAL UPDATE--North American Union

This update focuses on North American Union (NAU). Former Mexican President Vicente Fox recently confirmed plans of the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico to create the NAU, along with a regional currency. Plans had centered around the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), but now involve the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). It would evolve into an economic and political union, similar to the creation of the European Union.

The administration recently approved Mexican trucks to travel across America, despite opposition from Congress. Reaction continues to the recent SPP summit in Canada. Plans continue for continental superhighways.

Confirmation of a North American Union plan:
Jerome Corsi: Mexico's Fox openly calls for North American Union
Jerome Corsi: Ex-Mexican prez: 'Amero' on the way
Phyllis Schlafly: Scholars Explain Bush's SPP
William Jasper: Continental Merger

Mexican Trucks:
Michael Howe: Bush officials team with Mexico to defend trucks
Ron Paul: Regulation, Free Trade and Mexican Trucks
Jerome Corsi: Mexican trucks approved for long-haul trips in U.S.

Superhighways, SPP Summit, and more:
Phyllis Schlafly: Self-Government in Peril from the Globalists
William Jasper: Running Roughshod Over U.S. Laws
Jerome Corsi: Congress debate begins on North America Union
Jerome Corsi: 'NAFTA Superhighway stops here,' says Okla. senator
Jerome Corsi: Deal develops Canada's NAFTA Superhighway

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