Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spending Fight Pending?

Robert Novak reports that President Bush is planning to veto most of the spending bills that fund the federal government. If true, this is good news. Democrats in Congress are planning big spending increases, above the increases proposed by the Bush administration.

It's high time for some vetoes.

Spending has increased faster under Bush than it did under Clinton. The same is true for non-defense spending.

Big spenders in Congress can be expected to try to override any vetoes. Fiscal conservatives need at least one third of the members in one body to sustain a veto. That's why the Republican Study Committee circulated a petition to members of the House pledging to sustain a spending veto. The pledge has been signed by 147 Congressmen.

Of Michigan's Republicans, Pete Hoekstra, Thaddeus McCotter, Mike Rogers, and Tim Walberg signed the letter.

Dave Camp, Vernon Ehlers, Joe Knollenberg, Candice Miller, and Fred Upton did not. Why?

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