Wednesday, July 19, 2006


What are your predictions for the Israeli conflict?


A. Israel be pressured soon into stopping its offensive against Hezbollah?

B. Israel attack Syria and Iran while the United States turns its back on Israel and its promise to fight Islamic Naziism?

C. Israel invade Syria and Iran with the United States as an ally in such an endeavor?

D. Something else happen?

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Dan Roth said...

Here's what I see happening.

1. Everyone yells at Israel but the US.
2. Bush wants to help Israel, but he's got no political capital so the Congress votes against any action there and we do nothing.
3. You'll see Iran (who's president believes it is his God-given mission to wipe Israel off the face of the earth) along with Russia (who just hates Israel and wants to get some clout back) take a swing at Israel after Hezbollah and everyone else has beaten them around a bit.
4. Israel's only chance is divine intervention.