Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Greatest Threat to America

Is It:

1. Islamic Naziism?

2. North Korea?

3. Iran?

4. Degeneration of Traditional American Culture?

5. Other?

Let us all know what you all think!


A.J. said...

First, welcome back Eric to the blogosphere!
It's hard to pick one of those as our biggest threat, since they are all huge problems. Physically, I think North Korea is somewhat of a problem. The one good thing about them is that they are miserable failures when it comes to technology, because they don't allow outside influence. This led to the failed missile launches recently. BUt seriously, do we want to take the chance of them succeeding one day? I don't think so. Idealogically, degeneration of traditional American culture is the most saddening. It's very real, and American policy is actually aiding it. I remember when I was in high school and elementary and middle school, America was referred to as a melting pot, because several peoples migrated here and were assimilated into the American culture. Now, migrants are being told that we are nothing special, and that learning our language, customs, and history is of no importance. This is dangerous, and it will surely lead to the death of American life as we know it.

Conservative First said...

This is a difficult question because all of the threats that we face are interrelated. Overall, I would say liberalism.

Liberalism has contributed to all the foreign threats that we face. Without the actions of presidents Truman, Clinton, and former president Carter, North Korea either wouldn't exist or at least wouldn't have nuclear weapons.

Iran wouldn't be the way it is without Carter's contribution to the Islamic revolution. Of course, this revolution tremendously aided the cause of radical Islam.

At home, liberalism both contributes to and feeds from the destruction of traditional American culture.

The penultimate goal of liberalism is to destroy America. It is more dangerous than a foreign enemy because it can subvert America internally. The best expositions of this theme so far are Godless and Treason by Ann Coulter.