Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's Not a Poll, It's a Survey

Here are two questions I would like you all to answer (by posting comments to this, if you please) while you are "studying" for your upcoming finals.

1. Why is America going down the tubes? (What's going wrong for America right now?)

2. Why is America the best place on the planet? (What's going well for America right now?)

It will be interesting to see who our optimists/pessimists/realists are...


Dan Roth said...

1. America is going down the tubes for a number of reasons. Among these are apathy for our country, a lack of understanding on how government (and the world) works, MTV, and a lack of will. People seem to not be willing to make sacrifices for the better of the country.

2. America is the best place in the world because while we get flak about being such hateful people, we really do have a high level of tolerance. In other "free" countries people are put in jail for saying what they believe because it doesn't go with the opinions of the majority (example: Pastors going to jail in numerous countries for speaking against homosexuality).

Conservative First said...

a. liberalism
b. internationalist elites
c. decline in Christianity

a. Christianity
b. freedom

A.J. said...

1)Everyone wants to blame everyone else for their problems. Katrina, Iraq, poverty. That's why I can't do Sociology anymore. I refuse to believe that people are not responsible for themselves, to even the smallest extent. Granted, there is circumstance, but it only goes so far. Take responsibility for your actions, and quit looking to scapegoat someone when things don't go your way.

2)This blog is a perfect illustration of what makes our country the greatest on the face of the earth. Foreigners constantly trash talk us and call us bullies (even most Democrats, who live here). Why do they bash us at every turn? Because most of the time, they live in countries where dissent is not an option. Do you see anyone in China protesting that Google shouldn't be censored? Is there anyone who writes columns in the Caracas Times that says that Hugo Chavez is not a danger to stability of the region? Look what happened during the World Baseball Classic when the Cuban dissident held up the anti-Castro sign- Cuba went wild! They have to talk bad about us because they have no outlet to show the displeasure for their own country. Not only that, one does not openly disagree with their government's stance on the US, or they go to bed and never wake up. Besides, how many of these countries have "state run" media organizations? How outrageous! I always thought that Bush was over reaching when he said that people hate freedom, but the more I think about it, the more I agree. People resent us because we are the city on the hill, and they are the cities in the valley of the shadow of death.

Is that real enough?

Unknown said...

just to add to what others have said:

1.a. Paperwork and Red Tape - I've sat in on some of my local planning commission meetings, and it's ridiculous the number of holes they make developers and entreprenuers jump through to do anything significant. I think in Michigan it's worse than the other states; I've heard in Mississippi or other southern states, you can get all the permits necessary to start an assembly plant or something in only a week's time. In Michigan it takes months.

b. Just the general Crass nature of our pop culture.

2. America is cool. We make the best damn hamburgers anywhere. I'm being somewhat facetious! But think about it: the Arabs, South Americans, Russians, they all counterfit our money, pirate our films, drink our cola and get McDonald's put in their countries. Arabs especially pretend to loathe our culture, but they really can't get enough of it.
P.J. O'Rouke has an essay on this I think (I looked for, but couldn't find it) about how America is a beautiful 25-year old woman and Iran, et al are 13 year-old boys, who misbehave in order to get our attention.